The Main Building of the National Museum

Opening hours: 

Monday - Closed Tuesday-saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 10am-4pm


1 3 Maja Avenue

Bus and Tram Routes: 

Bus: 103, 114, 144, 152, 173, 164, 169, 179, 192, 194 tram: 15, 18

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Main Building of the National Museum in Cracow was built over the years 1934-1989. In this building you can find three permanent galleries: “Broń i Barwa w Polsce”, Gallery of Arts and Crafts and Art Gallery of Polish twentieth century. The building also organizes temporary exhibitions, they are composed of both - collections belonging to the National Museum in Cracow as well as exhibits on loan from other institutions and private collectors. 

In the National Museum in Cracow there were organized exhibitions of painters such as Theodore Axentowicz, Piotr Michalowski, Henry Rodakowski, Ferdinand Ruszczyca, Witold Wojtkiewicz and Leon Wyczółkowski. There was also organized an exhibition on Polish Jews and Armenians. Both showed their individuality and assimilation.  

The Museum has a total of eleven divisions, including: The Main building,  The Gallery of Art , Czartoryski Museum, the Jan Matejko House, Palace of Erazm Ciołek, the Szołayski HouseThe Emeryk Hutten-Czapski Museum, The Józef Mehoffer House, Europeum The European Culture Centre, Stanisław Wyspiański Museum and Karol Szymanowski Museum at Villa Atma in Zakopane.

National Museum in Cracow pays special attention to caring for children, to help them build a sensitivity to art. In he building lobby you can find a shop in which you can buy publications on art, postcards and reproductions of famous works.