The Archdiocese Museum

Opening hours: 

Monday : closed
Tuesday : Sunday 10am-5pm


19-21 Kanonicza Street

Bus and Tram Routes: 

Tram :6,8,10,13,18

Nearest bus or tram: 


The Archdiocese Museum, founded 1906 by Cardinal John Puzyna, is one of the most important sacral buildings in the region. Primarly located on the Wawel Hill, has twice changed its venue. In 1992, Cardinal Franciszek Macharski completed its movement from the monastery in St. Catharina to the apartments on Kanoniczna street 19-21, which remains the actual location till today.

A cross-sectional collection of polish sacral art, comprising works from thirteenth century to the nineteenth century, makes this place a “must see” attraction on the Krakow’s map. 

The attraction is located next to Archeological Museum of Krakow.